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Veterans who serve in our nation's armed forces are entitled to benefits for any injury or illness they sustain during the term of their service.  This includes injury or illness that is a direct result of active duty combat, but also includes residual injury or disability that may have occurred outside the realm of a battlefield.  


Countless veterans returned home with visible physical injuries or hidden emotional and cognitive disabilities, many of which are not diagnosed until years after returning from active duty.  Many veterans do not realize they are entitled to benefits for their particular injury.  Others are too proud to ask for help.  Some attempt to obtain benefits on their own or with the assistance of a local organization, only to be repeatedly denied benefits for their service-connected disabilities.  Navigating the Federal Veterans Administration policies and procedures can be daunting, even for the most educated of individuals.  Gilmore Law Group is here to help.  We utilize the latest technology and the most reputable resources to help you get the benefits that have been denied.  Let us help you navigate the system.  We can additionally refer you to other helpful resources or services if necessary.


Personal History

Veterans benefits is personal to Gilmore Law Group as Elisha has a son who proudly serves in the United States Air Force. 


During her law school career, Elisha was a charter member of the school’s first Veterans Clinic aimed at representing veterans in obtaining benefits previously denied them. Through this clinic, Elisha earned an in-depth understanding of the needs of veterans and a true passion for continuing her work. She received hands-on training under the guidance of a successful Plaintiff’s attorney, Angela Drake. Additionally, Elisha received extensive training in the area of

Veterans Benefits Law at the bi-annual NOVA conferences.  


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Have you or someone you know experienced a trauma while serving in the military? Are you experiencing symptoms of PTSD?

Veterans with PTSD stemming from service-related trauma are entitled to benefits.  It is difficult to obtain the benefits you deserve because many times it is hard to prove the presence of PTSD.  


Traumatic Brain Injury:

Did you experience a head injury during your term of service?  TBIs are commonly undetected until long after the injury occured. Many times brain injuries are misdiagnosed as a mental impairment or behavioral issues.  


Military Sexual Trauma

Until recently, sexual trauma in the military was not discussed.  Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is defined by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurred while serving in the military. A staggering 1 in 3 military personnel will have experienced MST during their term in service.  



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